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Design inspired by fresh and feminine, guided by strategy, and attentive to details so your brand leaves a lasting impression and looks like everything you’ve been dreaming of and more.

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A Swoon-Worthy Brand:

1. Knows and considers your target audience 

2. Has consistent and stunning visuals 

3. Is grounded in your meaningful mission 

All so that your customers feel a deeper connection to every product they purchase and can’t wait to buy more. 

Looking to skip the stress of trying to figure it out alone?


You do the dreaming,
I’ll design and deliver the details.

Breathtaking brands are rooted in strategy and bursting with detail, so if you’re looking to build a brand, this is the place to start. This package includes all aspects of your brand identity so you walk away knowing what your brand looks like and what it stands for.

Strategic Branding

start with strategic design

All the little details like shipping tape, product boxes, and mailers are opportunities to set yourself apart from your competitors so let’s make sure your customers fall in love with whatever they’re opening. Who knows? They might even save it.

Packaging Design

Elevate your product

A virtual space that draws customers in is your key to online success. When we work together, we’ll design a custom chic website that keeps your visitors immersed so that not purchasing doesn’t even cross their minds.  

Web Design

Sell Online


After we find out we’re the perfect partnership thanks to our discovery call, you’ll receive your proposal, which includes anything requiring your signature, your invoice, your questionnaire, and visual inspiration.

Next, you’ll receive your creative direction with things like mission, mood board, and target audience. After you’ve approved, we move on to the next step!

Brand concept time! This includes your logo, colors, typography, photography direction, sample social posts, mockups, and more, so you’ll be able to picture exactly how beautiful your brand will be when it launches.

The last thing you’ll receive is your brand guidelines PDF that covers everything about your brand in one place. All there is to do now is sit back and watch your business thrive.

I am always available for creative consultations - so if you have a question about anything, I’m here to help you think it through.




The Breezy Branding Process

Looking to skip the stress of trying to figure it out alone?


You do the dreaming,
I’ll design and deliver the details.

Your Ideas Branded, Boxed, and Brought to Life 







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